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About Us

Esarom - Mak DOO Skopje is a company founded in 1991. The main activity of the company is import and export of goods and services in the food industry. As a company, we are gradually developing over the years and increasing the number of countries in which we operate. Currently, we provide raw materials and support for the companies on the territories of Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. Our goal is to continue to develop in other countries in the region and to continue to be a partner that companies can rely on.


Each of our products has a long development story behind it.

In constant communication with our customers, we combine classic ingredients with new nutritional trends or develop completely new ideas. From the very beginning, we are committed to get the best taste and the best quality, while making the final product competitive on the market. With us, the raw material becomes a luxury product!

And our cooperation does not end here, we are your support in all stages of production, we support and advise you!



Есаром (Esarom) – AUSTRIA

Esarom is a company founded in 1946 which is not only a traditional company and a company with rich experience, but also a leading supplier of raw materials to companies in the food and beverage industry worldwide.



Bakaldrin is a company that has in its program over 400 products for the baking industry and confectionery industry (improvers, premixes and ready mixes, sourdough, confectionery products, fillings, etc.). Esarom - Mak is the exclusive representative of Bakaldrin on the territories of Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro.



Made from the highest quality fruit concentrates and carefully selected fruits, our bases give you unlimited possibilities for the production of refreshing soft and sparkling drinks. You will be able to taste more products and choose the product with the appropriate fruit content and taste as you imagined. You can choose a product from the existing program, but also a product that will be specially designed for you.

And as the trends that we follow step by step develop, there is a large selection of raw materials that will give your product the desired functional properties.

There are also emulsions, flavors, colors, extracts, distillates, sweeteners, ideal for your refreshing drinks, ice teas, syrups, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages ...

Does your refreshment drink have the sparkling you want or is it losing it fast? If you want to optimize carbonation , control foaming in the filling process, to have a faster start and filing process , improve the customer experience with your product and thus contribute to lower costs , we have a product that will solve Your problems!



Flavors, colors, functional ingredients, mixtures of vitamins and active substances, ingredients for visual and sensory special effects for jellies, fruit gum, chocolates, hardboiled candies, filled candies, toffee, fondant, fat fillings, marshmallows, etc.



If your product is a non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage , delicious cakes or chocolate that melts in your mouth, tasty brioche or soft pastries , crunchy biscuits , crackers , savory or sweet snacks , candies , various fillings in your products, a huge selection of liquid and powdered flavors and spicy ingredients , can make the desired difference in your product!


The range of ingredients for production of bread is really wide. Starting from ingredients for everyday white bread, then bread with high water content, rye, whole-grain, functional, to bread without flour. Each of them is characterized by a characteristic smell, taste, crunchy crust and of course with a part of the tradition of the region where it originally originated as a type: domestic, Mediterranean, Italian, baguette, etc., all designed to meet the different tastes and requirements of customers.


As products that are usually the first meal of the day for most people and thus subject to the most frequent criticism, we pay special attention to the Improvers, Mixes and premixes for making quality white, wholegrain, rye and special types of pastries with extremely high quality. We are committed every day in finding new solutions and combinations. A variety of pastries with pronounced softness and juiciness, Kaiser-roll, Kornspitz® sandwich, puff pastry, butter croissant ..... are just a small part of the offer of pastries that can be made and adapted to production in your bakery


Due to the constant variations in the quality of the flour in our area, the improvers are one of the most important segments for the quality of the final product and that contributes to paying great attention to this field. Different product types and variations in the production process require different types of improvers. Thus, we have improvers for direct processing, for long-term dough method, retarded or interrupted fermentation process, for production of frozen products, semi-baked products, products with high water content, different type of product crust, as well as for special types of bread and many others.


The fast and simple way of making desserts, various cakes and pastries, but also bakery sweets is what delights our customers the most. With our products, every pastry shop, restaurant, hotel, cafeteria, bakery can prepare top specialties very simply, with few ingredients and in a very short time. The quality of the raw materials allows a huge number of variations in the production of the products, so simply your imagination limits what you can get.


Fruit fillings and the bake and freeze stable Choconut cream are an integral part of the production processes. Made from high quality ingredients and ready to use, Choconut and our fruit fillings from cherry, apple, strawberry, forest berries, raspberry and many others are the right choice. This is not only because of their wonderful natural taste, but also because of the element of thermal stability that allows you unlimited application and filling before and after baking of bakery products, cakes and pastries, as well as their freezing. On the other hand, there are fillings in powder form that are characterized by quick and simple preparation, excellent taste and thermal stability


Bases, flavors, stabilizers, colors, various accessories, will make your product an irresistible ice pleasure that customers will enjoy.




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